Babies are adorable but they are messy little creatures as well. We’ve all seen a baby spit up a bit as they burp and if that happens while they are in their car seat it can create a stain that’s difficult to clean. Trying to clean the surface of a baby car seat is a difficult task and it seems one that too many people find themselves doing each day. There’s an easy way to fix the problem and that’s by purchasing infant car seat covers.

Car seats are one of the most critical pieces of gear parents with young kids need, but they’re also one of the most overwhelming items to buy.


There are several different styles of seats designed for transporting an infant. Most allow the parent to detach the seat itself from its base within the vehicle. This makes transporting the baby so much easier. You simply unclip the seat from the base and take the baby with you. The baby can remain in the seat while you are out as they tend to be very comfortable.

In the past many parents have recognized the need to keep the seat covered just in case the baby has an accident or burps up. Quite often you’d see a large receiving blanket or a baby towel lining the car seat. This was not only unattractive but it could cause a safety concern if the covering was too large for the seat. With infant car seat covers that isn’t the case, as they are built to fit and they come in many prints.

Some moms and dads have found it useful to buy more than one covering. Doing this allows them the luxury of having an extra on hand should the need arise. They can remove the soiled infant car seat covers and instantly replace them with another. After washing the dirty one, it’s all set to be used again when need be.

There are so many adorable patterns to choose from that many fashionable moms seem to struggle with which is best. Some suggest buying infant car seat covers that have a colorful and busy pattern on them as this will stimulate the child’s eyesight. Babies do rest their small heads to the side when sitting in a car seat so they will be able to see the infant car seat covers, but with any luck they’ll drift off to sleep quickly, so the pattern won’t matter to them.

If you haven’t purchased one and you have a newborn now is the perfect time to go out and get one. You’ll appreciate how easy it is to install and you’ll also love how simple it is to clean up when the baby spits up in their car seat. After all, all new moms and new dads have better things to do with their time than scrubbing a car seat. They have a new baby to get acquainted with.