Child car seat safety is one of the most important issues for new parents. Before I had my first kid, I had no idea about child car seats. I did not know about child car seat safety ratings, forward facing and backward facing car seats, or even the fact that there is a right way and a wrong way to set up a kid’s seat. Now I know it all, but many parents don’t bother to find out the facts. For example, did you know that many police stations will offer a complementary child car seat safety check? It is true, and I suggest that you have it done if you haven’t yet.

Many organizations recommend that a child only travel in the front seat of a vehicle from the age of 13.


The thing is, there is more to child car seat safety than meets the eye. Correctly installing a car seat can be a pretty difficult matter. Everything has to be adjusted perfectly. If the straps are too tight or too loose, the child will not be protected from crashes. In addition, child car seat safety requires that the child seat be installed in the back. Even if you want your child to sit up front with you and be able to enjoy the view, you really can’t. Many parents mistakenly think that their child will be just as safe in the front seat, but this isn’t the case.

Safety for kids is really one of the most neglected areas of parenting. Child car seat safety is not the only thing that many parents don’t know about. I have always thought new parent should have to take an infant child safety standards course when they are pregnant with their first kid. It isn’t that the parents don’t mean well, it is just that they don’t understand that there are issues to parenting that can’t be tackled with common sense. Child car seat safety is one of the most obvious ones, but there are many others as well.

If child car seat safety is a difficult issue, those bikes with child booster seats in them are an even bigger one. Personally, I think they should be off the road. I understand why people like them, and I respect that parents desire to take their kids along with them on their morning bike ride. Nonetheless, I can’t think of anything more dangerous. Just one tiny bump by a car, and the bike will be overturned. The parent will probably emerge unharmed except for a scratch or a bump, but the child could be outright killed!