Need advice on putting your best face forward? Beauty blogs provide all you need!

When you browse the cosmetic, hair color, manicure and other such beauty product aisles, do you feel overwhelmed by the shelves stocked with hundreds of products? I sure do. Unless you’re a professional beautician, it’s certainly hard to figure out which products are right for your skin tone and which will do the job as promised. You don’t want to waste your money on an inferior product, or spend more than you need to. Worst of all, choosing a hair color product can turn into a nightmare – once you’ve done the deed, there’s not much to be done – except, perhaps to go to a professional salon and see if they can straighten out the mess. More money spent.

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Fortunately, there are hundreds, if not thousands of excellent beauty blogs online, maintained by professional beauticians who are up to date on all the latest products, posting frequent reviews of various beauty products, as well as how-to types of articles, such as how to apply eye shadows, hair streaking techniques that work and proper methods for makeup removal. It’s their business, so you’ll find reliable information you can use today. You can read beauty questions and comments from the beauty blog readers which can also offer valuable beauty tips and tricks.

How about the latest trends in makeup, such as the mineral-based powders? These are a bit pricey, but give beautiful results that are far more natural looking than the old ‘foundations’, don’t clog your pores and give your skin a fresh, vibrant look. However, knowing how to choose the best shades and which brushes are used to apply these powders does take a little know-how. Rather than take a chance on wasting money with a shade which won’t work for you or waste the product by fumbling the application, visit a beauty blog to find all the answers!

Women love to mess with their hair color, even though a home application may not come out anything like the lovely model on the box. Now what? Having once experienced a disaster when I decided to put a few subtle streaks in my hair, I certainly wish beauty blogs had been around then! Obviously, I did something wrong, because the streaks turned a very unattractive shade of green! I ended up making an immediate trip to the salon. The best they could do was to cover it with a rinse. The resulting color was an all-over bluish gray, which I had to live with for quite some time. Hair color technology wasn’t then as advanced as it is today, but if I’d been able to investigate the pitfalls and proper techniques of streaking hair by clicking through to a good beauty blog before rashly proceeding on my own, I would have saved myself many tears and much money.

Teens don’t often consult Mom about makeup, hair coloring or any other beauty topics, probably because they think Mom is back in the dark ages and have no concept of what’s in style. This makes the beauty blogs an especially good resource. The professional beauty blogger has the scoop on what’s popular with every age group and often caters to younger visitors. Teens who take advantage of the beauty advice and secrets available on such blogs might well surprise Mom with their expertise in beauty products.

Whether you’re young or more, ahem, mature, visit the beauty blogs for expert advice that doesn’t land you in some of the predicaments described above!